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Posted on: 28th April 2014

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As a Green Achiever accredited cleaning company, we make it our mission to advise on and practice a sound eco-cleaning approach. Here are some of the ways we help domestic and commercial clients stay green whilst we clean!

We understand that businesses and brands want more from their office cleaners than just a sparkling clean. Your approach to cleaning and recycling is a golden opportunity to show your staff, your competitors and your industry that you’re a forward-thinking eco-conscious brand. Minimise the environmental impact of office cleaning with our help.

Eco-friendly cleaning materials

Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly cleaning products which use natural (but effective) ingredients with no harsh toxins or chemical scents. This means your staff members won’t be exposed to fumes, so even those with asthma or other breathing issues won’t be affected by your cleaning schedule. We even consider the packaging and shipping of the cleaning materials we use: we buy large quantities, to cut down on bottles and boxes, and we seek out suppliers who minimise the air miles on products.

Energy-efficient cleaning

With energy prices on the rise, we try to make smart use of electricity and lighting. We can clean at night or at off-peak hours, so energy charges are lower, and we can make use of daylight hours (at certain times of the year!) so your business’s energy bills are minimally affected by the need to have cleaners in the building.

Helping you recycle more effectively

There’s so much that can be done with the right approach to recycling. It’s about more than simply recycling paper, card, plastics and glass. We can help you with a workable strategy for recycling mobile phones, ink cartridges and even leftover food. It’s not something we actually do ourselves, but we have great contacts within the recycling and waste industries and can work with your office management to come up with a recycling strategy that suits your needs, before helping put it in place.

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