Hiring a commercial cleaner? 6 things to ask before you award the contract

Posted on: 12th March 2014

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Hiring a cleaning company to clean your office space or showroom is a big decision. Ensure you make the right choice by asking these 7 key questions before you hire a cleaning company.

  1. Do you provide free, no-obligation on-site visits?
    An established, professional cleaning company that is confident in its abilities will be happy to send a senior member of the management team to your office building, showroom or other commercial venue without obligation. This will give you the opportunity to ask more about the finer details of their policies and procedures, and will enable the cleaning company to assess the scope of the job at hand. Any good cleaning company should be honest enough to tell you how they would approach the work, and even tell you if they feel unable to take it on.
  2. Do you provide written, all inclusive, fixed price quotes?
    Alarm bells should ring if the answer to this one isn’t an immediate “yes”! Professional commercial cleaning companies in London should give official written quotes, on headed paper or official email, which include all fees. Nothing should be hidden or extra. And the price should be fixed for a period of time which is made completely clear. If in doubt, ask for further clarification, and walk away if you are not completely happy.
  3. Do you offer a 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction?
    We always hope that our customers are happy with every single clean we carry out. But we accept that the customer is always right. That’s why we are confident enough to offer a 100% money back guarantee. It’s very rarely used, but it tells our customers that we’re professional, humble and more than willing to do what’s needed to see every job through to the end. If your cleaning company doesn’t offer this, we’d encourage you to have second thoughts.
  4. Do you have a current, comprehensive product liability insurance policy? May I have a copy for my records?
    When a cleaning company is responsible for cleaning your offices, public spaces, showrooms and employee areas, safety is paramount. A professional commercial cleaning company should have the relevant insurance cover for employees, public liability and product liability, as well as any specialist insurance policies relating to chemicals, materials and machinery. It should not be a problem for you to see these documents. Transparency and honest is key from the start of the relationship.
  5. Are you an accredited member of an industry recognised professional body? Which one?
    Like every industry, the cleaning industry has its professional bodies which are recognised within the industry.. Do check that any potential cleaning company is a member of an accredited body. Not only does this hint at their business ethics but will give you peace of mind about their background, longevity and extras such as insurance protection. They should be happy to tell you which membership organisation they are part of (and what their membership number is). Look for logos on their website and business stationery.
  6. Do you operate an independent, formal complaints and arbitration procedure?
    We all hope nothing will ever go wrong in the client/cleaner relationship but human error and mistakes do happen. The most important thing is knowing that your cleaning company has proper procedures in place for complaints and arbitration. Feel confident about asking this question at the interview or tender process so you can make an informed choice when you award the contract to a cleaning company.

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