Quality Assurance Policy

  1. AIM
    The primary purpose of quality assurance is enhancement of the quality of service to our diverse range of clients.
    All staff/subcontractors are expected to take personal responsibility for their own professional quality and standards in all their activities.

    Staff and sub-contractors will exercise this responsibility within a supportive environment where expectations and  standards are defined, continuous improvement and innovation are encouraged, development and training opportunities are provided, feedback is actively sought from students and other major stakeholders; and duplication of effort is strenuously avoided.

    The quality assurance framework:

    • Sets objectives rather than dictates detailed procedures and structures;
    • Promotes consistency ; and
    • Is underpinned by the concepts of equality and fairness.

    All policies and procedures will be well documented and readily accessible to staff, sub-contractors other stakeholders.

    Cleaner Direct will rigorously and continuously monitor the effectiveness of its quality assurance procedures to assure that they are operating in accordance with good practice.


    Quality Assurance comprises all the policies, systems and processes directed to ensuring the enhancement of the quality and standards of Cleaner Direct service.

    Quality Control relates to the arrangements ( procedures, organisation etc.) which verify services are being carried out in an appropriate manner.

    Quality Audit is the process of ensuring that the quality assurance and control arrangements are satisfactory and operating effectively.

    Quality Enhancement is the process of continuous improvement.

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